A tale of creating awesomazing software

Another "how-to" post. Learn how to add some action buttons in coreBOS.

Enhancements everywhere and a lot of new widgets (very happy about this), code cleanup, and an important performance optimization. Impressed, as usual.

Read about a surprising comparison with PDFMaker and learn about some new enhancements in our document and PDF construction and generation system: GenDoc.

Customization month. New widgets, workflow enhancements, global variables, business actions, and business maps to make the application even more flexible. We also get some very interesting features in the application itself. coreBOS just keeps going!

Some business processes require asking for more information during the steps. This information can be different from step to step or simply be some settings that need to be related to the record. This post will show you how to configure your coreBOS to do just that.

A lot of things to celebrate. Denald not only made more commits than me but has scaled to the second position in the contributors' list. An incredible feat. Congratulations! We have a new developer and community member who has started strong. Welcome Malik. The list of enhancements is big this month and it is very distributed among our contributors which makes me very happy. All in all a great month!